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CCD Images
This site is my main site that displays information on the sun, moon, and planets. You will also find my other CCD images and more information of my observatory

CCD Images Photography
This web site dispalys my CCD Images that you can purchase

Deep Sky Remote Observatory Weather
My main site that displays current weather information

Great Scenery
My main nature photography web site

Other Web Sites

Astronomy Online Readers Gallery
Welcome to Astronomy magazine's Online Reader Gallery — a collection of spectacular images from astrophotographers around the world.

Galaxy Map
This website presents a face-on map of much of the Milky Way, including the distances and positions of more than 8 thousand bright stars, star clusters, nebulae and giant molecular clouds. The location of each object on the galaxy map is based on the scientific literature.

The SuperCOSMOS Explorer
by Kevin Jardine of GalaxyMap He has added the SuperCOSMOS explorer to the Introduction to the Milky Way Explorer. This shows hydrogen-alpha images of the southern galactic plane (30° > l > 210°). As he explains in the Introduction to the Milky Way Explorer, the SuperCOSMOS data is not calibrated and there are some obvious plate transitions. Nevertheless, he thinks that these images are very useful and show details of some large faint nebulae that he has never seen before. More information:

Kitt Peak Vistor Center Programs
Kitt Peak National Observatory has been running public programs for over 47 years. Come explore your Universe right here on Earth...

Quantum Scientific Imaging, Inc
QSI cooled CCD cameras are designed to produce high quality images with extremely wide dynamic range, excellent linearity and exceptionally low noise.


Sharpless Catalog
The data for the Sharpless Catalog in Excel and PDF documents

Wallpaper Images
Sharpless 1
Sharpless 49
Sharpless 103
Sharpless 131
Sharpless 199
Sharpless 244
Sharpless 277
Sharpless 277
Sharpless 279
Sharpless 281
Sharpless 281
Sharpless 296
Sharpless 302
Sharpless 311
Sharpless 313

Images can be used in books, magazines, or any other published paper that deals with astronomy. However, please send me an e-mail and give me the credit as listed below:
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