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When I started photographing
the night time sky in the early 70's, I was interested in a group of faint objects called the Sharpless Catalog.  As much as I wanted to be able to capture these objects, they were just too faint to show up on the film I was using at the time.CCD

That all changed with CCD imaging.  The CCD camera goes beyond the limits of film making it possible to capture these mysterious objects.  The introduction of hydrogen-alpha filters opened the door giving me the ability to image these once uncommon objects that were difficult to shoot.

This gallery is designed to help you find the Sharpless objects you are interested in.  I also provide information on how I processed my images.

I took all of the images on my web site using a number of different telescopes and cameras at my Deep Sky Remote Observatory in the southwestern part of the country.  Today I use ACP Scheduler to continue working on the images.  The schedule I set up is designed to capture these images under the best possible conditions.

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