SH2-308 (Sharpless 308 )

This small nebula is surrounded by a number of Sharpless objects SH2-304, Sh2-303, and SH2-310 which is the largest. This object is very faint and will take a long exposure in any filter used. The color image of this does not use any narrowband filters because I wanted to show the colors you can expect with green covering most of it. The brightest area is the bottom loop and this might be a good area for larger telescopes to center on. Sh2-308 does not respond much at all in Sulfur II but better in Hydrogen-Alpha. However, the Oxygen III is by far the strongest channel. So I used H-Alpha for red, OIII for green, and SII for blue. A large camera with a very large field of view can pick up a lot of nebula in the surrounding area

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Images by Dean Salman