SH2-290 (Sharpless 290 )

This planetary will offer quite a collection to the imager in that is offers a nice color in the middle from the OIII while at the same time a faint cloud outside of it. However, this Sharpless object which is better known as Abell 31 is also quite faint. You can get a really nice image without using the narrowband filters but the hydrogen-alpha helps bring out the faint nebula outside the main structure. This image was taken with a wide field astrograph so you can see what a larger telescope will show considering this image is not imaged much. The nebula does very well in oxygen III so a good narrowband color image can easily be done. I also have done a Nitrogen II as red, H-Alpha as green, and OIII as blue which is seen on the web page link.

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Image using SII for red, HA green, OIII Blue

Image using NII for red, HA green, OIII Blue

Taken with E-180 ST-10 XME

Images by Dean Salman